Private labels for freeze dried snacks

The advanced technology of the freeze dried process, rigorous quality controls, together with careful raw material procurement and a specialized packing line, allows SERO to be the best alternative for Freeze Dried snacks.

Natural flavours + 100% Nutrient Retention + Long shelf life

If you are interested in developing your own freeze dried brand or want to add to your established portfolio, SERO offers a full service development which includes the following steps:


1. Portfolio selection
– pick and choose from the fruits and suitable cuts available. Check our portfolio


2. Packaging selection

Select from single serve (pouches) to multi-serve options (stand-up pouches with ziplocks) and their appropriate sizes according to your target market.


3. Artwork

Create your own brand designs according to your brand vision



4. Logistics

Define the most cost effective alternative to move your finished product



If you are interested in developing your own private Brand, please contact us for more information.

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