Latest technology: We understand our clients require a consistent and reliable end product and that is why the necessary equipment is in place both for our drying processes as well as our packaging lines, both in bulk and individual packs.

Logistics: Our flexible operational model allows SERO to offer different alternatives and getting different finished goods anywhere in the world.

Research and Development: Our in-house laboratory allows us to run small scale trials, critical for prototyping new product developments. We evaluate raw materials, standardize requirements and define parameters for large scale production.

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Compromiso Social

SERO tiene tres pilares de desarrollo: social, económico y ambiental. A través de estos pilares contribuimos a la creación de un mundo justo, equitativo y sostenible. Implementamos políticas coherentes en toda nuestra cadena de suministro que contribuyen a este desarrollo. Nos esforzamos por eliminar las desigualdades y permitir que los pequeños productores y trabajadores superen la pobreza apoyando prácticas justas de empleo.

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